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Its aimed at the guys who write about their experience's of living with motorbikes either as a hobbie, for work or travelling the world.

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Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Blog List

Everyday Superbikes

 A blog about 3 or 4 guys and their motorcycle adventures around the UK and Europe.
Contains their Ultimate Roads page, videos recorded on a MiniDV Video Cam and a Tour guide.
Updated monthly.

The Kneeslider

A blog about concept bikes, engines and all things motorcycle. This site gets all the latest news from the industry.
 Regular Updates.

Life With A Superbike

Honest, Simple, Uncomplicated stories of how bikers in India buy and live with their Superbikes. The pictures posted are real pictures of the machines they own.
 Regular Updates.

Motorcycle Paradise

Is a blog mostly about motorcycle touring with some content on good motorcycle roads in Australia and gear the rider has used.
 Regular Updates.


A blog about a guy and what he does and where he goes when out on his motorbike in Scotland.
Updated Occasionally

Bandit Rider

Contains the ramblings of one Bandit Rider and another ex Bandit Rider.
They are very keen motorcyclists from New Zealand and their idea of fun is getting out on our bikes to enjoy the great motorcycling on offer in New Zealand.
Updated Regularly

Into the Ride

This is the blog of Andrew Palmer's motorbike journey round the world.

The leading UK website dedicated to motorcycles, such as motorcycle reviews and motorcycle news. With thousands of used motorbikes for sale and over 5000 motorcycle reviews, UKBike is the leading motorcycle marketplace.

 The Superbike Blog

The Superbike Blog: Opinion, editorial, and news on motorcycle culture and the natural liberties from which it derives.
Written by Tim Kreitz.